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Do You  WORKE HARD - Willfully Organize Rehabilitation of Kind Earth &  Have  A   Robust  Drive

Since we all know the earth itself has a life that caters to so many lives. It needs nourishment and a healthy environment to sustain unlike other lives & species live on Earth. So difficult but so easy to understand, we human beings are so busy in our lives that we tend to forget our most important surroundings that always are around us and play an important role to  sustain and even help in doing those day to day things that we actually are busy with. We really have to give time to them unlike we give to our loved ones in our daily lives. Earth gives us everything that we need, what else? We live on it. It's the only cause of our evolution and survival. Still we have not realized to care for it. We recon cleaning and maintaining our House and work places, but we ignore the very basic house that we are living in. It's the biggest drawing room of all of us and a sign of unity. So we should make sure to give it some thought during the day and WORKE HARD on it. Therefore, let's get together and do some HARD WORKE in our daily lives as much as we can do at our work places & homes, so that our children and generations to come can also enjoy as much as we are enjoying. Since everyone counts.  - Founder Member Tera Foundation.

Seven things to remember and follow always:
* Plant / Grow Trees & water them where-ever/whenever you can -  It just costs a few penny.
* Do Not waste Earth Resources such as water, food, fuel, electricity.
* Do Not pollute Earth or let others pollute, where ever / whenever you can.
* Learn to live a balanced Earth Friendly life unlike with your loved ones than being an enemy to Earth's life.
* Inform the Earth organizations if you find something worth informing. - Do Not keep mum or feel shy.
* Be a Good Living Being.

More Do's

Since we are not alone. We do have a lot of company from other species.
We should make sure, there is enough for our other friends to survive.

* Do create food & water space for our friend species that are always making our home/offices a lively place passing by.    
  They aswell feel thirsty & hungry in this clean  urban sanitized world.  (which doesn't seem so)

* Donate Good organizations that support other species welfare.
* Take the Tax benefits by donating to good world organizations. It helps.

Have a HARD WORKEing attitude and we look forward to hear from you about your great HARD WORKE experiences that you generate in your everyday life.  Do not hesitate to create as many Programs to build a better Earth. Tera Foundation will always be there to support you morally with the slogan  ' Save The Earth ' & ' Do you WORKE HARD '
You may write to us at  : foundation@tera.co.in   subject: Save The Earth

If you like to contribute or be a part of Tera Foundation and you feel that you can head a program on your own with Tera's support. You may contact us at the above address. We may evaluate our stand and organize a joint program initiative considering the feasibility.

Our Email:  foundation@tera.co.in

If you like to make any willful contributions to support Tera Foundation and it's efforts. Please do not hesitate to Donate.
Payment Accepting Paypal Id: contact@tera.co.in. Please do not forget to write your purpose to us.  foundation@tera.co.in

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